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Is Your Stockton Property Management Firm Doing The Job Correctly?

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What usually happens is that you hire a property management firm in Stockton and leave all the responsibilities related to properties on the managers. You never find out about the efficiency and services of the firm, before you actually hear about a serious issue or problem arising. So if a tenant living in your rental unit is giving you a call, then it is a definitely red flag sign. This would be a straight sign that the Stockton Property Management firm hired by you is not doing its job seriously.

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Now when a tenant is calling you regarding a problem or issue related to properties, you should first ask them if they had reported the issue to the property manager or not. In case they did not, then you should tell them to inform the managers. Tell them that the property manager is the one to be informed about the issue and that they should tell them all the worries. You can also provide them manager’s contact number. Also, you need to tell them that for any future issues and maintenance problems, Stockton Property Management firm is the one to be referred.

Okay in case the residents already have had a word with the property managers, you need to ask them why they are reaching out to you. Were the property managers not responsive or they just didn’t call back. Enquire and find out if the manager had ignored or declined the request. Also, how much time has it been since the complaint was launched. Ask everything from the tenant and know the complete story. Also make note of the times the property managers were contacted by the tenants.

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After you have heard the tenant’s side of the story, it is significant for you to know about the property manager’s side of the story. Give a call to Stockton Property Management firm and ask why they aren’t responding to the residents. Know from them if their behavior is justified or not.

If you are getting a call from neighbors of your tenants, you need to give importance to this red flag sign. There can be a few legitimate concerns related to the properties, which neighbors might be facing. You need to give an ear to the concerns and issues of the neighbors and ask them if the tenant has been violating some kind of laws. After this call, you should the property managers and ask them if they have been conducting timely property inspections or not. Did the property managers conduct background and credit checks on the tenants before placing in the rental or not.

Well these two parameters are not only the only signs that let you know that the Stockton Property Management firm is not efficient. But these are just invitations to check with the managers about what is going wrong. If you repeatedly get such calls, then it is definitely a sign to check out the management of your firm.

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