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Trusted Professional Property Management Washington DC

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Real Property Management DC Metro

With over 25 years of experience, Real Property Management has a staff with local knowledge of real estate, affordable rates, and focuses only on property management. Real Property Management DC Metro does not sale real estate.

4dThis professional Property Management Washington DC company manages single family units (townhomes, condos) and small multifamily units (duplexes, small apartments). Real Property Management DC Metro aims to take care of each client’s property management tasks, giving the client the time to search for new properties and enjoy leisure time.

Real Property Management DC Metro Services

Real Property Management DC Metro (RPM) provides several property management services, including communication, marketing/advertising, tenant screening, lease agreements, inspections, maintenance, evictions and accounting.

Continuous Communication

RPM’s clients receive a secure online account, allowing access to updates on vacancies, leasing, maintenance, inspection and financial reports.


One of RPM’s main goals is to shorten vacancy times for rental properties. The staff accomplish this goal by posting rental information on classified websites. The property management professionals also place traditional “For Rent” signs in the property’s yard until said property is occupied.

Professional leasing agents respond to inquiries quickly. Experts help clients to set a reasonable, but competitive monthly rent, depending on the property’s condition, location, school districts, access to public transportation, and rental market rates.

Careful Tenant Screening & Selection

RPM DC Metro evaluates credit, criminal background, employment, and rental history of all potential tenants. RPM’s management professionals follow all laws, including the Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is important for your tenants to be thoroughly screened to limit the necessity of future evictions.


RPM handles lease signing for clients. The company also offer a “Leasing Only” option for 75% of one month’s rent. Professional leasing agents prepare and execute all legal contracts. Agents also handle rent collection, deposits, and rental fees. Leasing agents will conduct a walkthrough with your future tenant to make sure all parties are satisfied with the property’s conditions.


RPM’s professionals analyze property conditions several times during the tenant’s stay at your property. This ensures that tenants are following terms of the lease. Inspections are conducted during move-in, move-out, and periodically during the lease. Inspections also include professional documentation and photographs for records.

Affordable/Reliable Maintenance3d

Professional repairs and maintenance saves clients time and money. RPM’s maintenance team consists of professional contractors, vendors and on-site staff.


RPM’s staff members are educated in state and local landlord/tenant laws. Evictions are necessary when tenants fail to pay rent on time or break terms of the lease. RPM will make sure all evictions are executed quickly and legally.


As with any successful business, RPM’s priority is to maximize your income and minimize expenses. With a centralized accounting system, the property management company provides clients with itemized statements and tax documentation. RPM also provides password-protected accounts for online access to financial reports.

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