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Uses of Property Management in Houston Which May Surprise You

October 12, 2016 by Posted in: Uncategorized

Uses of property management services are fairly typical, no matter the city or state in which you reside. However, there are some uses of property management in Houston which may surprise you. That said, you may want to partake of these more unique services for your own property management needs.u1


Snowbird Property Management


“Snowbirds” are those northern folk who fly down to reside in Houston for part of the year, typically starting in early winter when the snow, ice and cold slam the northern states. Since they do not reside in Houston all year long, they need someone to look after their properties and maintain them when they fly back home in spring. Property management companies are ideal for this task because they keep the lawn trim and the landscaping neat. Plus they check up on the house weekly (or more often if the owners choose) to make sure no one has broken into it. In the event that there is damage to the property or the police have to be involved, the property management company notifies the owners/snowbirds immediately.


Additionally, if the owners/snowbirds choose to rent out their homes when they return home to the north in the spring, the property management companies take care of all of the arrangements, maintenance and repairs in the owners’ stead. The owners allow the property managers to screen possible tenants and make choices that the owners would probably agree to if they were present. This way, the owners/snowbirds can make a profit on their properties when they are not residing in them and they do not have to be fully involved.


Abandoned Warehouse Property Management


You might think that an abandoned warehouse needs no property management. However, abandoned properties often need more of these services, not less. For example, an abandoned property is easier to break into, squat in and even take up illegal activity. Then the owner ends up in a lot of legal trouble for suspicious or illegal activities in what should be an abandoned property. Owners of empty and/or abandoned warehouses in Houston utilize property management services for security, to prevent damage and vandalism to their property, and to find other buyers or renters who will use the warehouse for perfectly legal activities so that it cannot be used for illegal ones. In the absence of property management and actual working, breathing bodies in the warehouse, too many things can go wrong.Logan UT Property Management


Graveyard Monitoring


Why vandals get a kick out of destroying headstones, vandalizing grave sites and breaking into mausoleums we may never know. Some of Texas’s most famous and historical citizens are entombed, enshrined and buried in Houston, so to protect them and the people buried around them, property management companies are tapped to monitor the graveyards. Office buildings located on the grounds provide a spot where the managers can watch closely to see who enters the grounds and who appears to behaving oddly. The property managers may also perform several landscaping and yard work tasks to keep the graveyards looking nice and peaceful, and to keep unused plots from accumulating overgrowth.

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